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Kneeling Lat Stretch Tutorial

Kneeling Lat Stretch

Kneeling lat stretch is one of the most effective ways to make the targeted muscles more flexible, functional, and healthy. Read on to learn the correct technique, benefits, and more.

How To Do A Kneeling Lat Stretch

Step 1. Get into the starting position

Build a height using 2-3 mats and get on your fourth before them. You might also use a bench. Grab the dowel with palms towards you. Walk your knees out, so the spine is approximately parallel to the ground.

Step2. Lock your spine

Lift your belly button towards the ceiling to round your low back. This step will lock the spine and prevent it from collapsing. You want the movement to come from the arm, not through the spine. Brace your abs to prevent your spine and pelvis from bending.

Step3. Stretch

In a slow, controlled motion, bend forward at the hips while keeping your abs tight and your spine straight; rest your hands on the bench with your elbows extended and your forearms in a straight line. Lengthen out and drive the shoulders down. Feel the nice stretch in your lats.

Step 4. Hold the position

Hold the stretch position for 15-30 seconds, relax for a few seconds, and do 3-4 sets. Slowly rotating your thumbs upwards towards the ceiling will enhance the stretch in the targeted muscles.

If you want to take stretching to another level, drop the dowel and get in the same position with palms towards your face. Drive the hands apart while doing the stretch. Such a technique activates a part of the rotator cuff muscles, anatomically linked to the lats. This way, you will provide extra oomph to the stretch.

Benefits Of A Kneeling Lat Stretch

Reduces tightness

Shoulder flexibility is reduced when the lats are tight. When the rotator cuff muscles are weak, the lats tighten to compensate for the shoulder joint’s lack of movement. Kneeling lat stretch deals with that issue.

Releases the pain

When the lats are too tight, they cause discomfort in the upper back area between the shoulder blades. This discomfort manifests as a dull aching in the upper back. Proper and regular stretching makes the pain disappear.

Extra care for the lats 

The latissimus dorsi provides strength to the shoulders and back and aids in the protection and stabilization of the spine. Your lats also support the flexibility and mobility of your shoulders and arms. Building upper-body strength, increasing range of motion, and avoiding injury all depend on regularly stretching these muscles. Kneeling lat stretch is one of the best ways to achieve that goal.

Posture improvement

Because they link the upper back to the front of the shoulder, tight latissimus dorsi may lead to a bad posture. Unflexible and weak lats may actually cause our shoulders to drop and rotate forward. Stretching may fix this problem.


Tight lats can cause many problems – from poor shoulder mobility to pain in your back. Pay a little attention to stretching and practice kneeling lat stretch. It helps to maintain the health of these muscles. Your lats will thank you. Regular kneeling lat stretches will make your muscles stronger, healthier, and ready for new sportive challenges.